Winning Benchmark

Thanks to our Vibroacoustic technology any surface of any kind of material or unusual structural part as wall and countertop, will be trasformed in a speaker or microphone creating innovative, fashonable, invisible bi-directional plant for immersive and impressive sound & speakerphone.

Traditional Solutions

Immersive sound
No maintenance
Competitive Cost
Low Energy
High & Low temperature
Resilient to dust & sand

Bluetooth Wireless connection

Thanks to bluetooth technology any device could be wireless connected to the Control Unit (AMP) & the system

AUX Audio Standard AUX connector

You may connect any source to Congrol Unit (AMP) by standard AUX cable as Hi-Fi, TV, PC, Storage, WEB

Bi-directional Audio & Communication

Any Patch properly connected to the Control Unit (AMP) will trasform surface and objects in Speakers or Microphone for innovative, immersive and fashonable Audio & Communication plant

Strong Design

Consolidated and robust technology in a simple configurati

Easy to use

Any simple connection by AUX cable or bluetooth for any type of source. No needs of configuration or post installation activities required

Wide combination

Any Control Unit (AMP) support up to connected 30 patch, in order to realize the system in any type and size of installation

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We fully project your plant in order to realize your desire for an immersive, impressive and fully invisible Audio system.


Our staff will support you in any stage of the Project. Planner and Certified Technician will install and at best to satisfy your goal of Sound and Aesthetic needs.


Enjoy your new Audio system for an immersive and impressive experience.

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